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Red fort Agra built by Akbar  in Red Stone when he was through  with the consolidation  of his power  after accession  to power in 1654. Red fort agra is a historical fort of Agra in India. It was the main residence of the emperors of Mughal Dynasty. Red fort is laid out in Karmuka style the typical design of an emperor capital city.  It is an approximately rectangular on three sides, while the fourth side follows curve of the Yamuna River. The Delhi Gate, which is on the western side of the fort, is an architectural master piece of Akbar's period. This  gateway was completed between 1568-69 A.D.  It was designed  in such a way to make any assault on the fort exceedingly difficult.  The Delhi Gate  was reached by a croosing a wooden drawbridge which connected the fort to the mainland. Red fort foreign tourist visitors fees will  be available at 550 rupees only and Indian Visitors fees rupees at 40 . The Opening hours  Red fort  Sunrise to Sunset Entry will be free. Akbar arrived in Agra 1558. He Ordered to the Red fort  with at red stone. Some 4000 builders daily worked on 8 years completed this work will by Red fort.