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                               Mariam Tomb Agra

   Mariam Tomb was built by Jahaghir in memory of  his mother Mariam -uz- Zamani . The tomb was located in Sikandra, a suburb of Agra. Mariam Tomb was beetween at  1623 and 1627 CE. She was married to Emperor Akbar in 1562 CE. She was honoured with the title  Mariam-uz-Zamani after she gave birth to Jahaghir. She died in Agra 1623. The structure was originally an open baradari under Sikandar Lodi who built in 1495 AD. It was adopted by Mughals in 1623 AD. Maraim Tomb red sandstone pannels with a variety of decorative designs such as floral patterns. This Maraim Tomb stands at centre by Mughal garden. It is built on a raised platform with stairs on its northern and southern sides. Mariam Tomb is very small and quite place. Not much of people visit here. It is not properly preserved you have to pay entry ticket.