Fathpur Sikri Agra Guide for touris

                                   Fatehpur Sikri Agra 

       Fatehpur Sikri  is  a  town  in the  Agra  District of  Uttar Pradesh, India. The city was founded in 1569 by Mughal Empire from 1571 to  1585.  After his military victories  over Chittor and Ranthambore, Akbar decided to shift his capital from Agra to a new location of 23 miles.  Here, the fatehpur Sikri construction of a planned of a walled city will be next fifteen years of planning and construction. His named with city for Fatehabad, with fateh, a word of Arabic origin in Persian, meaning victorious. It was a later called name by fatehpur Sikri.

         Buland Darwaza:   The fatehpur Sikri was  buland darwaza  built by Akbar 1576- 1577  as victory of arch. The fatehpur Sikri Buland darwaza height is 55 metres(180ft) high.

      Jama Masjid:  Jama Masjid built by (1571-72)A.D. Jama Masjid as the date of completion, with a massive entrance to the courtyard. The Buland Darwaza added  some five years of latters. It was built in the manner of Indian mosque with was a around  a central courtyard.

      Tomb of Salim Chisht :   A white marble tomb built by Sufi Salim Chisti in the year of 1478- 1572 with in Jama Majid sahn courtyard. The single story structure is built around a central square chamber. The tomb is influenced by earlier mausolea of the  early  15th century Gujarat Sultanate period.

       Fatehpur Sikri  timing rules :     fatehpur Sikri  Opening time Friday  at  6:00 A.M.  and  closing time at 6:30 P.M.  Fatehpur Sikri  entry Indian fees will be at rupees 10 and foreigners  entry fees will be at  250  rupees.